District Office



1.1. We recognize ourselves as a co-operative fellowship of saved spirit-filled Christians of like faith from local churches operating as a district within the International Assemblies of God in South Africa.
1.2. The full name of our district shall be International Assemblies of God – Highveld District, situated geographically in Mpumalanga west province and part of Gauteng Province.
1.3. The Highveld District consists of sovereign, dependent churches and preaching points.


In line with our National vision statement of the IAG in S.A. “That we be a leading
Pentecostal church anchored in missions in South Africa” We as a District will
endeavour to accomplish that vision at district level.


Our purpose (mission) as a district is: “To excel in knowing God, experiencing Him, worshipping Him and making Him known”


The following basic values or principles will be the basis of our actions:
4.1. Honesty and integrity will be the basis in all we do.
4.2. God’s Word will be our final authority in matters of faith.
4.3. Our constitution will be a guiding force in matters pertaining to governance and procedures in our churches.
4.4. We will uphold a culture of excellence and professionalism in all we do.
4.5. In financial matters we will strive for transparency and accountability.
4.6. Service to God and His people will be our focus.
4.7. We will encourage a warm relationship among Pastors and laity.
4.8. We value giving generously.


5.1. To approve all scriptural teachings, methods and conduct that are not in violation of scripture and our constitution.
5.2. To encourage a real fellowship and relationship to the National office, other Districts and the rest of the IAG body corporate and body of Christ in general.
5.3. Assist in the discovery and exercise of individual gifts and ministries.
5.4. Evangelism – reaching and winning others to Christ and keeping them in the church.
5.5. Leading and encouraging Christians into the experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and walking in the Holy Spirit.
5.6. Support missionary effort and inculcate a missionary vision in our District and churches.
5.7. Strive to plant at least two churches per year.
5.8. To minister to human needs at every level through social and community involvement.
5.9. Help churches to experience growth.
5.10. Promote Christian education in our churches.