Mens Fellowship


Our vision is to engage all men according to their capabilities and competencies to build a professional and dynamic Pentecostal church through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and by so doing the Mens Ministry department will fulfill the great commission.

Mission Statement

To have an effective home mission’s department operating at all levels of the church.
To have an effective theological, educational, specialised and discipleship programs.
All ministerial and lay leadership to submit themselves to ongoing training and education to effectively serve the church.
To be indigenous, self-supporting, self proapagating and self-governing church at all levels.
To continually seek and understand God’s will for the church.
To seek co-operation relevant to God’s work.
To reach out to all races and communities.
A church that is sensitive to social responsibilty, i.e. community projects.
Value Statement

We shall not gamble
We shall avoid polygamy
We shall avoid sexual immorality and indecencies
We shall avoid spiritual idleness
We shall engage ourselves in social and economic development programs
We shall uphold Godly family standards
We shall tithe regularly
We shall financially support the church activities
We shall encourage the timid, help the weak and be patient with one another

Women’s Ministries

Working towards being the leading Pentecostal Church in South Africa anchored in missions, our Vision is to advance the great commission by uniting in participating and enhancing church growth both numerically and spiritually.

We prioritise missions, evangelism and church planting projects by focusing on community involvement. W.M. membership development and also changing the unemployment status of our members so as to be in a good position of assisting the church financially.

The committee is structured to meet the needs of this vision and we therefore also focus on entrenching the new departmental policy to ensure accurate and full participation of each committee member in terms of their different roles in as fas as their portfolios are concerned.

Youth Ministries


To plan and promote Spiritual programmes to save and conserve young people for the Kingdom of God.
Promote a clear and deep understanding of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ amongst the young people.
Encourage young people in the fulfilment of the great commission.
Encourage young people to lead righteous lives as true disciples of Jesus Christ.
Promote true and meaningful fellowship amongst the young people locally, zonal, district and national levels.
Provide a platform for young people to develop and excercise their gifts and talents within the Christian context.
To help young people understand the relevance and implications of the Gospel in their everyday lives within their communities.
To create amongs the young people interest in and committment to the activies of the church.

Children’s Ministries

PURPOSE – (Why We Do What We Do?)

Children are the church of today and the leaders of tomorrow. We train up our children in the way they need to go so they will not depart from the way when they are old.

VISION – (What We Do)
Setup an infrastructure for Children’s Ministers and leaders across South Africa in the IAG. Training leaders and measuring the success of the programmes. Exposing and when possible providing materials for local children’s ministers and leaders. Organising national events that enables the children’s ministers/leaders to continue reaching more children in their coummunities.

MISSION – (How To)
“Growing to keep-sending to reap!”


Every Child is special
God’s word is our foundation
Children are important in themselves
Make a Difference