IAG Highveld District

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IAG Highveld District
is a branch of The International Assemblies of God consisting of a group of churches located in the western parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.
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The International Assemblies Of God (often called “IAG”)
is a fellowship of co-operating churches in South Africa with the common goal of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Each assembly is self-governing, but at the same time relates to the national organisation. The national organisation is also self governing, but has fellowship ties to other Assemblies Of God churches in over 150 countries worldwide.

We invite you to find and attend an International Assemblies Of God church that faithfully teaches and preaches God’s Word. You will find a warm welcome and a spiritual growing experience for you and your family.

Our Ministries

Men’s Fellowship

Vision Our vision is to engage all men according to their capabilities and competencies…

Youth Ministries


Women’s Ministries

Working towards being the leading Pentecostal Church in South Africa anchored in missions, our…

District Office

District Office
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District Office

NAME/IDENTITY1.1. We recognize ourselves as a co-operative fellowship of saved spirit-filled Christians of like faith from local churches operating as a district within the International Assemblies of God in South Africa.1.2. The full name of our district shall be International Assemblies of God – Highveld District, situated geographically in Mpumalanga west province and part of…

National Office

General Treasurer

Rev. Manuel Gouws got married in 1981 to Glynis, they have been…

General Secretary

Rev. Sehlako Gordon Lebelo, general secretary of the International Assemblies of God,…

General President

Rev. Hlongwane is married to Reverend Mrs. Victoria Othelia HlongwaneHas three children…